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April 09, 2009

Blog Moves!

Writing about web page

I have decided to continue blogging, but as it is no longer appropriate to blog for my own Chartership now I have submitted my portfolio, I am starting a new blog, under the same name, so it is easy to find, over at Blogger.

As a member of CILIP CDG this is one way in which I can contribute to supporting other Chartership candidates. I will also remain active on LIS-CILIP-REG.

Many thanks to everyone who has read, commented on, quoted, referenced and linked to this blog. It has been very much worth while because of your support.

Feel free to join me over at where I will start posting soon.

July 01, 2008

Library Blogs

Writing about web page

I have just read the post over on BasementJack and it reminded me that a while ago I was considering trying to revive and revamp the old blog that the Science Team here at Warwick used to maintain before I came.

Library blogs are Warwick have been used to great success in some areas, for example, for supporting students using bibliographic management software blogs have been great. When we have RefWorks there was a RefWorks blog and now that we have EndnoteWeb, there is one for that.

Other blogs, aimed at specific subject areas have also been used (like our old Science Team one) and I think there could be space for improvement in getting these into shape.

I've discussed with the team the possibility of getting blogs back up and running for us (they have not been used since the staff who set them up left about 2 years ago). I wonder if having a set of blogs to cover specific subjects, rather than one general Science blog would make them more relevant to readers and make their usage more likely.

In some subjects we have quite notable web presence on the departmental sites, most impressively at the Medical School, where Sam Johnson (BioMed Librarian) is mentioned in the right hand column of many of the pages which deal with course materials.

I wonder if there is the option of RRS feeding subject-specific blogs onto departmental web pages? Potential content could include:

  • Details of training sessions/drop ins being offered
  • New titles received
  • E-resource trials
  • Hints on how to use different web services
  • Useful links
  • Requests for book suggestions

Any views?

Would you be interested in a subject-specific Library blog?

January 16, 2008

My blog in a book!

Well, I'm a little excited and a little scared!

Antony Brewerton has just informed me that my blog has been referenced in a book, yes, a proper, book, made of paper and everything, recently published on Blended Learning. (I have it in front of me now).

Allan B. (2007) Blended learning: tools for teaching and training.  Facet.

There are no quotes from it, but it is listed (alongside Charteringbookmouse) as an example of a blog being used to record Chartership progress. I'm glad that the blog is being read and very pleased that it is considered worth a mention, but it is a little scarey that I really am "out there" as my CILIP mentor put it just now when I told her. 

Its funny because I see the blog as a place to put references to other things, but never as a place to be referenced itself, except perhaps by other Library bloggers. 

Well, if Barbara Allan is reading this - Many congratulations on your book being published! And thank you very much for thinking my blog worth a mention.

May 06, 2007

Registering with Google

Follow-up to Technorati from When I grow up I want to be a Librarian!

I am working on a (non-library-related) web site for a family friend at the moment, and she is concerned about how to market it when it finally gets up and running (it is taking rather longer than expected).

By way of research (and just playing with online stuff in the middle of the night) I have just registered this blog with Google. Apparently this may or may not mean that it gets added to Googles index, and that may or may not happen any time soon. And I also don't know how I will know either way about either thing. But I suppose it is worth investigating in the name of research for when I launch the web site I may or not finish in time.

May 04, 2007


Writing about web page

I have just added this blog to Technorati. My understanding is that Technorati is a searchable web catalogue of active blogs. You choose whether to be listed or not (and the process of adding your blog seems easy, but took me about 5 attempts) and you choose, I think, which of your entries are made available via it. You send a "ping" (see Netlingo for what seems like a reasonable definition)  with each entry you want Technorati to know about. 

Technorati also ranks the blogs listed there, I am ranked 676,464 today (this changes all the time). I think this means that 676,463 blogs listed on Technorati have more other blogs linking to them than mine has. Initially this number can make you feel a little insignificant, but when you realise that (today) Technorati tracks 79.2 million blogs world-wide, you begin to get the bigger picture.

Hopefully adding it to Technorati (starting to sound like a silly word as I have used it so many times in this entry already) will increase traffic to my blog - thats the idea - makes it easier to find. You can also add tags to your blog so that people searching for your topics get pointed in your direction. 

I will track this with Google Analytics, but I think Technorati do a bit of that for you as well - I'll have to look into it. Anyway, I'll be interested to see if adding the blog to Technorati - (I really have typed it too many times now) actually does increase page views.

Anyone else used T......?

April 11, 2007


Writing about web page

I have just been invited to join Facebook by a friend at work. I've never used it before and I'm not really sure what it's for, but hey, why not? It could be another interesting addition to my recent spate of e-learning experiences and might tie in nicely with the Chartership Blog.

I'll add details here when I have an account set up. 

March 02, 2007

Google is taking over the world

Writing about web page

WOW - I've just discovered Google Analytics (thanks to a post by another Library blogger) - it tells you how many people are looking at your website/blog whatever. Its easy to set up and free to use and I am just waiting on the data for my blog. (Not that I expect thousands of eager readers, but I thought I'd check out how Google Analytics works, it could be really useful for other stuff).

Wish I'd known about it before I sent the mail to the Chartership list yesterday - I'd love to know how many people actually stopped by! 

While I'm here, just to mention LIS bloggers - havn't had time to look at it properly yet, but it appears to be an email list for people with Library related blogs - any use? 

February 23, 2007

Next steps

Well, the next steps, which I intend to start taking while waiting for a response from CILIP on my "Extraordinary" status, (partly because I am reassured by my mentor that I will probably be accepted and partly because I am excited and impatient), are to get all the paperwork bits completed for registration.

1 - Mentoring agreement (awaiting word from CILIP on this one actually, then will complete with my mentor)

2 - Registration form - already filled in - aren't I efficient ;)   (Yeah, watch me have to ammend it when the time comes because I've done something silly in my haste!)

3 - PPDP - Hmm, this one's a bit scarey. I think I will identify what I WANT to do and then see how it fits with the Body of Professional Knowledge and fill in any gaps.

I'm really looking forward to doing this!

PS - I wondered, as other people (certainly at Warwick and probably in a lot of other organisations) seem to be using blogs to record their Chartership experiences, perhaps there is gain to be had by making this blog thing a bit more interactive, and using it to contact other candidates, offer each other feedback etc. Bit of networking. Jess and I discussed this yesterday and plan to send an email to the Chartership list, and to any librariany types we know - see what response we get.

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