February 19, 2009

The plot thickens

Follow-up to Facebook Terms and Conditions from When I grow up I want to be a Librarian!

I have just been sent this by our electronic resources librarian - any comments?

Do you trust facebook?

Should Libraries (or any organisations for that matter) be concerned about what facebook might use their content for at a later date - even after they have deleted their pages?


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  1. Andrew Noble

    Here’s a scenario. You upload a pic onto Facebook without copyright permission. Facebook then “acquire” it for their diobolical schemes. Who is liable when the copyright owners find out ? And are facebook going to hire an army of lawyers to sift through what is legitimate and what isn’t ? At the moment they police their whole site with a single tick box stating that you’re entitled to use an image.

    05 Mar 2009, 17:15

  2. Katharine Widdows

    Hmmm, presumably if you “stole” the image in the first place then you didn’t have permission to upload it to facebook so the blame lies with you.

    What concerns me more, is that if you upload images or other materials that you DO own are you going to be signing away your rights to them and making facebook the owner of any copyright or licence that applies?

    What about your company logo for example? An Info Manager at Imperial College asked me this exact question earlier this week – if you upload your logo does your logo them belong to facebook? What happens to the rights of all of your marketing materials, letterheads, business cards, etc. that bear the logo?

    Of course Facebook are currently still reviewing the situation, but, as a Library, we need to be aware of this, if Libraries are breaching copyright law (even unintentionally) what message is that sending to users?

    05 Mar 2009, 17:23

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