September 07, 2011

Top 10 Knowledge Centre Articles

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Over the last year at the Knowledge Centre we have tried to bring you a look at a large range of the exciting research happening here at Warwick. We thought it would be a good time to reflect and have a look at the articles that have proven particularly popular. It is also a great chance for those new to the Knowledge Centre to check out articles they may have missed. Here are our Top 10 articles from the past year. As always, feel free to comment on the articles and share your thoughts with us!

Warwick University The Idea of a University
The idea of a University featured a fascinating video of students on campus recorded in 1969. Definitely worth a watch for anyone who has ever been to Warwick. Also, have a look at the bottom of the page for a comment from Will Fitzgerald; President of the SU in 1971, who offers firsthand knowledge of what life was like at the University at the time.
Girlfriend Why I Don't Have a Girlfriend
Warwick PhD Student, Peter Backus, tried a novel new approach in attempting to find out just how many potential girlfriends there were for him in existence. He used Dr Frank Drake's 1961 equation for estimating the number of communicative civilisations in the Milky Way. Watch the slide show and listen to Peter’s entertaining talk from the Warwick Economics Summit.
AV Vote Two Cheers For AV
Professor Dennis Leech explained further the idea of the 'Alternative Vote' (AV) system, and highlighted the positive and negative impacts it may have on some political parties. It also resulted in a lot of discussion, as can be seen in the comments section!
Love Economics of Sex, Alcohol and Happiness
In his entertaining talk for the Warwick Economics Summit Tim Harford shows how economic theory can demonstrably be applied to our everyday choices in life and love.
Think Global Think Global Act Local
Julian Amey, Principal Fellow at Warwick Manufacturing Group, argues that the key is not only to 'think global, act local', but also to 'share and network totally'. How does this phrase work in a business context?
Distance Learning MBA Distance Learning MBA
Ray Irving, Head of Learning Resources Development for WBS, talks about the success of the Distance Learning MBA and the importance of online learning. Interesting read whether you are thinking about doing an MBA or not.
Stelarc Stelarc: The Body and The Artist
This year Virtual Futures returned to Warwick after 16 years. World renowned artist Stelarc also returned after appearing at one of the original conferences. He discussed his work past, present and future including his current ‘Ear on Arm’ project. Take a look at the video of Stelarc’s talk.
Mark Fisher No Time
This talk by Mark Fisher at Virtual Futures looks at the effects of technology on contemporary culture. Have a listen to a podcast of his entire talk.
Super Computer The New Superhero on Campus
In this interview with Prof Mark Rodger, Director of the Centre for Scientific Computing, we took a look at the new super computer residing in the Department of Physical Sciences. It has the power to run 3,300 projects simultaneously.
Teaching What Makes an Effective Teacher?
The Knowledge Centre collaborated with Secondary PGCE students to produce 3 short videos answering the question ‘What makes an effective teacher?’ using a variety of interesting methods.

Which has been your favourite article? One of these or something different? Is there anything you would like to see more of? Let us know.

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