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November 11, 2011

down memory lane

Hi everyone!!

I enjoyed everything we did in New York. It was fantastic to learn with different people from all over the world and discuss issues affecting today’s world. I particularly enjoyed learning about hydroponics- the act of growing plants without soil but instead with water. It was very interesting because I feel that one of the reasons why my country, Botswana is not food self- sufficient is because of poor soils. So I paid particular attention because I wanted to come back and be able to share the knowledge with other people. Anyway, since my dad is an agriculturist, he told me that we actually do have the technology in Botswana but the only reason why it is not practiced on a large scale is because people are not very keen on it or that knowledgeable on it. So, my mission has shifted slightly to now changing people’s thoughts on hydroponics and ensuring that people know its advantages.

Among many of the other things we did, we got to visit the United Nations main building. We learnt many things like the fact that the United Nations has 193 member states, five of these have Vito power that is England, France, China, United Sates of America and Russia. We saw the most beautiful presents that countries give to the United Nations. The General Assembly, Security Council and the portraits of the former United Nation’s Secretary Generals, were only some of our pit stops.

For the more fun part, we went to the Empire State building (so beautiful!!), the statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial and Time Square. Luckily, we even got to eat in a revolving restaurant near Time Square with some of Warwick’s major academics.

For the future, I hope that the Junior Commission does not end here. More sponsors should be sought for so that as Junior Commissioners, we learn a lot more, for longer periods of time and meet the most interesting people. It would also be great if the Commission could target even more relevant issues of today such as education, HIV/AIDS, Civil wars e.t.c.

I enjoyed myself more than ever in my life. The trip to NEW YORK was a perfect balance between learning and having fun. I promise to share what I have learnt with a lot of people in order to raise awareness about the growing problem of energy .Unfortunately I am not in any other social networks so you can only stay in touch with me through blogging.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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