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September 21, 2005

Laurie & Braff: Together at last!

Two of my favourite shows on TV right now are Scrubs and House so I was amused to see that Zach Braff and Hugh Laurie co-presented at the Emmy awards last weekend. And the gag was a good one too, since one of the surprises of House is that Laurie's American accent is apparently good enough to fool most US natives most of the time:-

Laurie: Thank you ladies and gentleman. Young Master Braff and I are very honoured to be presenting an award in, er, er…

He hesitates as he becomes aware that Braff is looking at him quizzically.

Laurie: What?

Braff: Oh, nothing, I just didn't realise we were doing British accents.

Laurie: Well, er, we're not. I'm British; it's the way I talk.

Braff: (knowingly) Sure it is, Hugh.

He pauses, then in a dreadful, Dick-Van-Dyke-in-Mary-Poppins British accent continues:-

Braff: The nominees for best supporting actress are…

Huge laugh from the crowd.

Braff, soto voce: ... try and upstage me.

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