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September 19, 2005

Blogging as therapy

Writing about web page

AOL surveyed about 600 bloggers about why they blog.

Around a third of the respondents said they write frequently about subjects such as self-esteem and self-help… About 31 percent of bloggers said that, in times of high anxiety, instead of seeking any counseling, they either write in their blogs or read blogs of others facing similar issues, the report said.

I'd say that squares, broadly, with the kinds of usage we've seen at Warwick over the last year or so.

Something Fishy

Game front cover
4 out of 5 stars

It couldn't be much simpler, but Fishy is a great five minute time waster; you start off with a tiny fish and your only job is to grow your fish by eating other fish which are smaller than you, while avoiding fish which are bigger than you. Every time you eat a fish, you grow a bit bigger and thus can take on bigger fish next.

The only controls are the arrow keys to move your fish around, so there's zero learning curve, and it has the added virtue (or vice, depending on your temperament) that it's tremendously unforgiving; no matter how long you spend growing your fish, touch one fish that's bigger than you and you're right back to the start. This has the side-effect of encouraging daring play early on, when your fish is tiny and you don't have much to lose, and conservative play later, when you've already spent three minutes getting your fish this far, and you don't want to to squander your efforts to date.

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