August 04, 2007

Commemorate the battle of Wednesfield/ Tettenhall! (What the Vikings did for us)

Calling all Wulfrunians! Tomorrow (and/ or maybe Monday) marks the 1097 th anniversary of the battle of Wednesfield/ Tettenhall depending on whose history one consults. Why is this exciting? Well, it means that I am writing this from smack bang in the middle of a battle field (a quick glance out of the window tells me that hostilities have ceased, for now...) Why is it important? Well, for a start, if councillor Bateman, and the historical evidence he has consulted (note the big gap of research on my own part here, apologies) this was the, sorry, the battle that sent the Vikings scurrying north of the Humber faster than, well, a group of Viking marauders who have been beaten in a battle by the (not yet named, what with lady Wulfruna, notwithstanding her mother, not having been born yet) mighty Wulfrnians! Grrrrr!

However, having (luckily) been to Yorvik in the last fortnight I couldn't help but throw in a good word for the Vikings and their civilisation- they had trade links as far as Uzbekistan and Ireland, found the states before Columbus and only wore shiny helmets with horns on for ceremonial purposes, and even that is up for debate.

And so, from my comfy chair 1000 years above a vicious battle for a place to call home, I raise my coffee cup to those who fought and died below my feet. And I ask you all, especially those who reside within Wolverhampton, and all ex pat Wulfrunians, to ask what the Vikings did for us. (Clue: they left us a nice place we call home.)

Finally, I am teaching invaders and settlers as my first creative curriculum topic (geography, history, DT) Trip to Yorvik, celebration of local battle- how prepared am I (in theory)?!

P.S. Go visit more information such as the fact that there is only one Wednesfield in the whole world. (Query: what about field in other languages? If you know of any Woden derived names with the word field from another language as  suffix, please let me know.)

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  1. Phil bateman

    Nice of you to cast a hearty cheer for those ghost’s of yesteryear! Wednesfield the great battle was at Wednesfield why would it be called such a name if it wasn’t the battlefield of Woden!
    Good blog!

    06 Aug 2007, 21:48

  2. Thanks for that Phil! I just couldn’t let that one pass the world by once I’d read about it in the Express & Star. It got copied into my facebook as well so all my friends got bombarded with my zealous ramblings on Wulfrunian history! Good luck with getting it properly recognised and getting Time Team in before anything else gets built on! (not that we don’t need the houses…)

    07 Aug 2007, 17:00

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