February 26, 2006

Tiny annoyances

Things that annoy me, but not enough for me to notice much, except now:

CRT monitors: They hurt my eyes :(

Pro evo soccer: I play it way too much and also I'm not improving anymore. I reached a plateau and now i'm deproving instead.

Bog roll holders that encase the bog roll. So you spend an inordinate amount of time feeling the underside of the loo roll in a come hitherto fashion until you find the tissue end. 1) why encase the bog roll so you can't see it 2) why can't they reinvent the stuff (like a square bog roll) so the end always dangles off? I can't wait for the future where they've got those three sea shells...1

demolition man 2

While i'm here, other public lavoratories related annoyances are push button taps and towel roll depensers thingys that you have to tug. Its not that I don't like pushing or tugging, what self respecting individual doesn't? No, its that they're crap, and we can't do anything about it (if we tried a mass boycott we'd be beset with major hygiene problems before we got anywhere).

Not to be a total sourpuss I like the fact that public toilets are well public (no need to explain that), those hot air thingys you dry your hands with, and disabled toilets which are first class (with their extra leg room, cushions and personal sinks and mirrors).

Back to my gripes:

University computer keyboards: On the underside of most keyboards there are two flaps. I like to flick mine out, as I prefer a raised keyboard. Can't explain why, its just the way I was made. Some son of gun has found this out and proceeded to remove one of these two flaps from every keyboard the uni owns. Don't believe me- check it out yourself. In some instances both flaps are removed. The bastard.

Me: I'm revising for exams at the end of this term and for my own good i've isolated myself in a cubbyhole in the library. Consequently I've been spending way too much time with me.

1. That picture is just begging for a clever caption!

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