November 16, 2005

He's behind you

What do you do if you happen to come across a colleague's, flatmate's or friend's blog, who in all his/her time of knowing you has never mentioned it. Lets imagine the worst case scenario, that they don't want you to know about it. Do you…

a)… tell them you have read this blog, full choca block with their intimate thoughts and…

i)...leave it at that.

ii) …not leave it at that and tell them…
…its great (even if its not) or its rubbish (even if it not).
… or slap them for their stupidity of owning a warwick blog and not forseeing this.
…or slap them for writing about you.
…or slap them for not writing about you.

b)... not tell them you read it...

i) …and never ever read it again or mention it to anyone else.

ii)...but tell everyone else about it, as your a complusive gossip and you have needs.

iii) …and use the knowledge gained from your new found insight into this person, so that you can…

…understand them better and help improve the quality of their life.
… not understand them better and become confused, before realising they're not who you thought they were. Which is a great/good/bad/terrible/cataclysmal/inconsequential thing.
…use the information to your advantage and
+ manipulate them.
++ manipulate them some more.
+++ manipulate them for their own good (or so you tell yourself that).
+++++ 'tease em
++++++ anonymously harrass them online.
+++++++ stalk 'em
++++++++ marry 'em.
+++++++++ kill 'em.
++++++++++ marry and then proceed to kill them in the elaborate but deeply flawed and morally reprehensible plan to assume control of their blog.

c) ...cry1 or curse profusely for being placed in such a predictament.

d) ...sit down and write a blog entry about it

1. It goes without saying real men will sob man sized tears.

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  1. i guess people just dont have these problems.

    17 Dec 2005, 04:58

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