March 19, 2007

Wikis – Do or do not do….

We have been using a wiki ot put together a project bid and here are some reflections on this experience.

It was pretty short notice and none of use were experienced in working in this way. The forst drfat was done in Word and I dumped that into a Wetpaint wiki. My first thinking was to chop the thing up into its sections so that we could focus on the main issues for each without being distracted by the whole

My forst observation was that we were all very hesitant to actually work in a wiki way – we were all too set in oour ways perhaps. The temptation ws to add comments into the text, suggestions with our names attached rather than being bold and changing the text itself.

As Mark said ‘to paraphrase Yoda “change or change not there is no …”’.

The wiki has basic editing tools and it is quick but the formatting seemed flaky and wel….odd.

I think we will use the idea again, especially if we get this expression of interest through into the full bid stage but I suspect it does not have all the functionality we need to do this sort of collaborative work. Perhaps other wiki systems are better.

I suspect we will use it to gather ideas then work in Word which will be passed around in the usual way.

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