September 20, 2006

Bendy Stick Syndrome

I had one of those ‘I can’t beleive this’ moments on Wednesday last week. I was crossing the footbridge at Canley station and a bicycle came hurtling down the ramp towards me. I stepped neatly to one side and got my cane stuck in the fence. I and the top end of the cane kept going but the bottom end stayed where it was. Result: Cane bent at 45 degrees. That was stage one – me standing there with the bent stick. “Right – thought I – what worked once can work again” so I stuck it back in the fence and bent it back. At this point the end of the cane went poing! and after bouncing off a few bits of the bridge, ended up, I think, on the railway track.

So now I have a thing like a demented corkscrew with no end on it. Any way I sort of limped the rest of the way into work.

I was them amazed to find that I could not get hold of a replacement cane in Cocentry as I am not registered her but back on Wales. So I have only just got my new cane.

I am going to have to carry a spare.

And the this morning while crossing at the lights, a truck and a car ran the lights and the truck ame within a foot of killing me.

So perhaps I need a gun too.

I have been in touch with George Roberts frpm Oxford Brookes this week and it seems there are some related wiki and other collaborative learning projects going on there. I need to check the sector as a whole. This is obviouslt the new thing.

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