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September 18, 2006


Follow-up to Griffin 4000–RKFM RocketFM – FM Transmitter for Desktop Computers from Graham Lewis

Alright I was a bit hasty… I had forgotten that in order for the radio on my PDA to work, I had to plug in the earplugs which act as the aerial. When I did that and fiddled about with the frequency a bit, it worked like a dream.

Griffin 4000–RKFM RocketFM – FM Transmitter for Desktop Computers

A friend recently bought a similar device for an iPod and so I sent off for this device which supposedly transmits any audio from your PC as FM to be picked up by any device that can receive FM… such as a radio (doh) or a PDA like mine which has a radio receiver built in.

Range is 10-30ft so you are not going to be setting up your own radio station with this but it is useful in that it allows FM receivers to be useful beyond digital and allows all sorts of devices to act as remote speakers for your PC.

My idea, beyond a joy for toys was to try to use this device as an alternative to bluetooth headset so I can listen to my PC read Powerpoint slides without the room hearing. I would use a small radio and a single earplug. All the bluetooth headsets look bulky and are very expensive.

At least that is the thoery.

Plugged it in, followed all the instructions but…. nada.

Thought it was too good to be true.


Latest short term contract means I will now be at Warwick until Feb 2008


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