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September 07, 2006

Still Standing

Well, looks as if I am staying at Warwick a bit longer after all. I did not get the CAP post I appled for this week but was told there was now money to keep me on full time until July. Better in some ways as I will probably be developing the disability workshops that will come out of the DES (hopefully) and probably keep ,ost of my curremt portfolio of work while also getting some work on PCAPP. Good all round really.

So I am getting my head together again and looking beyond September.

I still need to ‘negotiate my portfolio’ but hopefully I can hang on to the two externally funded projects that I brought in as these plus a possible project funded by the Reonvention Centre would each form the basis for some publications which I sorely need.

Did a rough back of a fag packet analysis of some data from Debbie Biggerstaff in the Medical School today. She ran a project as which forms the basis of her WELA. This involved a ‘Treasure Hunt’ – a find and debate approach using blogs. I only had the feedback forms – happy sheets to go by and it is so difficult to get a feel for the thing from just that. The blogs themselves are private. It seems to have gone down ok but it is frustrating not to have more interaction woth those that took part. Perhaps the next interation can be studied on more depth.


Latest short term contract means I will now be at Warwick until Feb 2008


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