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September 06, 2006

A Woman, a Dog, and a Walnut Tree

“A Woman, a Dog, and a Walnut Tree The more you beat them the better they’ll be. ...”

The Walnut tree, I was told, bears more walnuts if beaten occassionaly with a chain. So the rest must be true also…. ;-)

This does come to mind in my recent employment situation. I have been thinking far more creatively recently. People do say you are never more alive than when you are about to die – not literally on my case I hope.

Partly, I guess, this flurry of creativity is because I am reading more widely in order to prepare for various job applications…. none of which I actually got…

I suppose change is painful but hopefully good. Certainly I feel as if I need to get out of the rut that I did not realise I was in.

A while back I bought a new mobile in order to run speech software on it. I was not able to see the screens on these things so was missing out on a lot of new tech. The phone was really expensive and probably has more software and functionality than my PC (yiu can do cideo editing on it for God’s sake!). Anyway I could not afford the speech software as well so I am running the trial version. The trouble is with that is that the damn thing says “License has expired” from my pocket every 30 minutes or so which is nit making me feel good about myself.


Latest short term contract means I will now be at Warwick until Feb 2008


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