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April 26, 2012

Team work in KBAM

While reviewing and bringing all the parts of the individual work together, I've notice that there was not a lot of work to do in terms of transforming each aspect of the asset or knowledge management in the same form. Also, I've noticed that there were some aspects that contained similar action steps and those actions steps, in the short, mid and long-term, weren't contradictory.

This indicates a good team work from every individual, same direction and thinking, and good participation and commitment or even engagement to the task.

This statement might be kind of contradictory to a previous blong entry that I've posted which was descussing the difficulty facing to bring all the team members at the same direction. While at the starting point the direction and task wasn't clear enough for all the team members and we didn't knew what each had to do when we set individual tasks, at the end when we were combining everything it showed that team members understood the same things and manage to implement their task in the same way and form as everyone else. So I want to thank everyone in my team for their commitment, interest and engagement into the task, and well done to our leader for leading this difficult exercise to a successful implementation!!!

From this experience I've understood how important it is to communicate information and keep in touch with all the team member continuously, for sustaining the same direction.

In future terms this would indicate to me the a seemingly unclear and vague direction for a task, if the communication of information and with every team member is done in a regular and continuous basis, won't be that hard to implement and fulfil the task without additional effort for bringing every element in the same form.

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