January 14, 2005

Harry the Nazi

So Prince Harry wore a swastika armband to a fancy dress party? "Harry the Nazi" scream the tabloids. We live in sorry times when such an inane story makes front page headlines!

If Harry was really hiding Nazi sensibilities then would he really turn up at a party in Wehrmacht regalia? I think it unlikely.

I was always under the impression that we fought the Nazis to protect freedom of expression. Freedom of expression for all, it seems, unless you're a Prince.

December 03, 2004

TV Licensing revisited

Following a prolonged correspondence with the bullies at TV Licensing, I decided to buy a television license. Surely that would satisfy them? Apparently not. Behold my fourth letter to this company. Hopefully it will be my last.

"Further to your letter dated October 2004, I resent the accusation that I am using a television illegally. A quick look at your records would show that I do indeed have a license and that would have solved your problem, but that would be too simple, wouldn’t it?

Your office has hounded me relentlessly ever since I moved into student accommodation. Last year I was in receipt of one heavy handed reminder after another simply because I chose not to buy a television.

I wrote repeatedly asking you to leave me alone, as did my Member of Parliament. Needless to say you ignored both requests. So I finally bought a license in the hope that you might stop pestering me.

Wishful thinking. This morning I received yet another notice from you threatening a visit by your ‘officers’. Exactly how many licenses do I have to buy in order for you to stop writing?!

Please find enclosed previous correspondence sent to your office. Note my reference to the Malicious Communications Act (1988) which makes sending threats by post an offence. If you want to catch criminals, I suggest you stop looking for unlicensed televisions and look closer to home!

I would apologise for the tone of this letter but then again it seems rather tame in comparison to yours

October 23, 2004

TV Licensing – LEAVE ME ALONE!

Am I alone in becoming thoroughly annoyed at the endless stream of letters threatening fines if I do not choose to buy a television license? In the hope that someone from TV Licensing will one day read this blog, I hereby submit the following!

"It might be hard for you to believe but it is quite possible for a person to live without a television. I am perfectly within my rights to decline such a puerile form of entertainment without fear of being intimidated by your company.

You have an extremely unusual method of selling your product. Nowhere in your letters do you extol the virtues of a TV Licence; you simply claim all sorts of ridiculous consequences if I fail to buy one. I am presumed guilty of law-breaking simply because I am not one of your customers.

So most people in this country own a television; that is your problem, not mine. If I don't buy a licence then I don't have a television – it really is that simple. The DVLA do not send letters accusing me of speeding simply because most drivers exceed the speed limit!

Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act (1988) makes it an offence to send a letter with the intent of causing “distress or anxiety to the recipient”. Your firm is in flagrant breach of this legislation.

Should your Enforcement Officers choose to “visit” me as stated in your letters then they should bring a search warrant as they will otherwise be disappointed".

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