September 16, 2007

Tuck but no TUCs at the TUC

Party conference season is upon us and this past week saw the warm-up act, the Trades Union Congress, hit Brighton. I was there. For work.

I’d never been to Brighton before. It’s a bit like an English San Francisco: hip, hilly, by the sea, with a lot of gays, hobos and people with American accents.

Work involved going to fringe meetings (lunchtime and teatime events with speakers and a policy theme which take place outside the main conference) and eating the free food. I also had to take copious notes then write up reports on each.

The most interesting fringe I attended was organised by the Public Services Not Private Profit campaign, and featured several union bosses and the man who was so very nearly elected Prime Minister, John McDonnell MP.

It was a hotbed of leftie propaganda, which I found very refreshing. It’s a shame there wasn’t a leadership contest because there’d have been a good debate about the neo-liberal ideology of the Labour Government, given the litany of botched privatisations McDonnell et al reeled off.

Bob Crow, the RMT General Secretary and scourge of London’s commuters, was there, calling for a return to nationalisation and talking fondly of his Staffordshire bull terrier Castro (bought on May 1st no less). I don’t know what they put in the water at the RMT, but his oratory was remarkably Prescottesque.

The chief of the Prison Officers Association Colin Moses gave a particularly rousing speech. He may very well be the first black Geordie I’ve ever come across, which, having spent most of my life in Newcastle, says a lot about the city’s demography.

The worst event I went to was on the NHS. They only put on crisps and three types of sandwiches – including cheese and pickle, which I don’t like, and really dry tuna. Next door was the Morning Star’s event, and I checked out their food offering. Boy, if that’s the kind of spread we’d get under a communist regime, sign me up!

Most surprisingly, not one of the events had TUC biscuits.

I’m off to Brighton again in a couple of hours, this time for the Lib Dems.

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  1. The author

    My dear readers,

    Firstly, well done for finding this.

    Thanks to a little cock-up at work, I haven’t been paid yet so I’m currently living in Dickensian squalor, unable to afford luxuries such as shoes, foie gras or Warwick Graduates Association membership renewal. Thus I can’t log on and tell you all about my adventures at the Lib Dem and Labour conferences, or, indeed, anything.

    At this point I cannot confirm whether Esprit de l’escalier will resume once my finances regain their health; as WGA annoyingly didn’t give me a heads-up when my subscription was coming to an end, I may well go elsewhere for my blogging needs.

    I’ll keep y’all posted right here.


    28 Sep 2007, 20:14

  2. The author

    I did go elsewhere: here. There’s not much on there yet, but now you know…

    01 Nov 2007, 21:34

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