November 05, 2007

Cal Henderson: Scalable web architectures

  • Sessions: Bad. In order of badness: local sessions->mobile local sessions->remote sessions->no sessions at all.
  • No sessions at all: put all session data into a cookie; sign the cookie and timestamp it. 1K of data in a cookie is OK. (Make sure you’re not submitting it for static requests!)
  • Remote sessions; using the same database that you use for everything else means one less bit of infrastructure to maintain.
  • Functionality that won’t scale horizontally generally boils down to storage that won’t scale horizontally
  • Loadbalancers: software is hard to push more that 1GB/s (which would be a nice problem to have, for us!).
  • Wackamole – HA / Loadbalancing helper service – works by switching IP addresses.
  • Use queueing to manage long-running, CPU-intensive tasks

Can haz slidez?

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