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July 24, 2010

week twenty three

In a sport which is no stranger to scandal and rumour, stories of motorised bicycles being used by professional cyclists have been spreading like wildfire through the peloton.

It's so stupid I'm speechless

said Olympic time-trial champion Cancellara.

nuff said!

February 22, 2010

week seven

Writing about web page

Fair to say I spend quite a lot of time riding bikes & tinkering with bikes...

Recently stumbled on following equation - which is totally spot on:

Number of bikes you need = n + 1

where of course n= Number of bikes currently owned :o)

Currently in my ownership; n = 3 (& yes all 3 in regular use)

1999 Specialized Rockhopper CompTrek WSD 2.1Specialized Rockhopper Sport

No surprise therefore to find I've been following adventures of Mark Beaumont during his epic cycling the americas adventures via twitter, the photography has been something special too!

Looking forward to seeing more on BBC soon...

January 31, 2008


Writing about web page

OK it’s scary but now find myself more addicted to FETCH than facebook * wibble *FETCH

Great for keeping in touch with my running buddies and the tools for logging, tracking and planning training and races etc. etc. are really neat :0

January distance (miles)
  • running = 69 (includes taking a week off for a niggling pain in leg)
  • cycling = 207

(might start logging swim distance next month too!?)

July 11, 2007

Shredded tyres

Writing about web page

Dodge mending bike punctures for 10 years – then 4 in a month – 3 of them this week!!!

Nice to know I never lost the knack but enough already!?

Seems if I’m to continue MTBing on seriously crap paths/roads getting to work I’m going to have to get seriously tough tyres…

June 15, 2007

Summer rain

Follow-up to April foolishness from Cath's Blog

ha ha trip home tonight was a bit exhilarating :)

oh yes I was on the MTB in the worst of the earlier downpours splashing through rivers that were roads when I traveled them this morning!

it’s not like I don’t have wet weather gear – viga jacket & creek2peak bag – but still reached home drenched to the skin with several items in the bag suffering (hopefully temporary) water damage…

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