October 09, 2006

Exercise induced euphoria

Writing about web page http://bjsm.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/full/38/5/536/

I’m not often a fan of Mondays but an active weekend has lifted my spirits…

Friday – week 1 and my 2nd trampoline session of the term so far. Fun to be back bouncing/coaching again.
Friday/Saturday – motivated by last weeks blog postings Local cycle spares and repairs & Cycling gloves visited Mike Vaughans for new handlebar grips and gloves. Old grips were through to the metal :-( and the vintage MTB was in need of a bit of TLC.
Sunday – completed the Kenilworth half marathon after a couple of months off from running (but miles of cycling) and clocked 1:41 a new PB! Celebrated with delicious lunch at the Saxon Mill
Monday – whizzed down the A45 this morning past the almost stationary traffic, the bike felt great thanks to the TLC & new grips/gloves and the pedaling eased away the aches from yesterday ;-)
Specialized Rockhopper SportNew grips

...and thinking back to this time last year I was in agony!

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  1. Well done on the PB!! Are you running the Lady Godiva?

    09 Oct 2006, 22:03

  2. Catherine Fenn

    Really surprised myself with the PB as I just haven’t put the training in and would have been happy with just getting under 2hrs!
    I set off fairly steady then got into a decent relaxed rhythm and went with the flow. The last hill was a bit of a killer but by then I knew I was way inside previous PB (1:47 at last years Lady G).

    Yes I’m the Lady G again this year and I just hope I recover from last Sunday in time!

    10 Oct 2006, 09:15

  3. It’s funny how it goes sometimes – I felt crap before the Stratford 1/2M in May having failed to kick a groin strain but managed a PB by nearly 7 minutes.

    Seems like the world and his/her mate is running the Lady Godiva, which is nice – it’ll be good to see a few familiar faces backs blazing off into the distance.

    1:47->1:41, does this mean a 1:35 for the Godiva?

    10 Oct 2006, 11:34

  4. Catherine Fenn

    Maybe on a very good day with the wind behind all the way!

    The course looks to have a few hazards though ;-0
    • the footpaths through Allesley Park (rough & narrow)
    • Parkhill Lane (killer hill)
    • Westwood and Main Campuses (looks like lots of zig-zags)
    • Green Lane Subway (!?)

    10 Oct 2006, 14:31

  5. Congratulations on the time and on this inspiring post, which made we want to do the Kenilworth half again – haven’t done it for 3 years. Keep on moving!

    21 Oct 2006, 00:09

  6. Catherine Fenn

    Hi Stuart

    I write these blog posts to inspire myself to ‘Keep on moving!’. It’s a real bonus if it works for others too :D

    Does this mean you’ve recovered from injury?
    You do realise that, injury time aside, it’s highly addictive stuff!


    23 Oct 2006, 11:20

  7. Westwood and Main Campuses (looks like lots of zig-zags)

    Nothing, it transpires, compared the contrived route through the Memorial Park…

    23 Oct 2006, 16:33

  8. Catherine Fenn


    Congratulations on your PB (yes I have a RW presence too), just think what could have been achieved without the zigs, zags & the swinging round subway poles/park posts.

    Warwick cheerleaders aside you could have been forgiven for thinking that there were NO STUDENTS on the Warwick campus on a Sunday!!

    I managed to cycle home without getting soaked and then (after a lovely soak in a hot bath) spent a cosy afternoon in a pub watching the rain fall :D

    23 Oct 2006, 17:24

  9. Cheers – not a bad effort yourself. I’ve tabulated results of people I know, but for some reason Blogs isn’t picking up the LaTeX properly so I’ve pulled it.

    The Cheerleaders were performing some interesting chants but, them aside, campus was ridiculously quiet, even for a Sunday. I don’t think The Boar helped by sugesting that Campus was going to be sealed off from the outside world, with all roads in and out shut etc etc.

    If you’ve been on RunnersWorld, then no doubt you’ll have read that I got thoroughly soaked cycling to campus and back.

    The subway wasn’t too bad but being a bit malcoordinated I’m pretty crap at turns and managed to kick my calf on the way into the Park. The most demoralising bit was the 180o turn by the Park car park which was pretty pointless as there was a perfectly serviceable (and, in it’s own right, pretty sharp) right hand turn that you could have taken.

    I am also an internet superstar, in the crowd on the BBC C&W website (Bottom right, bald as a coot).

    23 Oct 2006, 23:34

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