June 02, 2005

Warwick Students Union presents… THE TNC SOUNDSYSTEM

Now see here, kids!

Exams finished? Housemates a bore? In the mood for something a little different this Saturday? Then get yo' ass along to PARTY TUNES in the Students Union for a night of the most bangingest, thumpingest, poudingest tunes this side of a full-on bludgeoning from Lennox Lewis.

Oh yes indeed. It's the event so awesome they had to make up a bunch of adjectives which have never existed. For one night only, THE TNC SOUNDSYSTEM bring you a selection of massive tunes guaranteed to get the monkey shaking to the point of apoplexy. You may not know them all. You may not even know any of them. But by god, come with an open mind and we guarantee you more fun than a bathtub full of Jennifer Aniston lookalikes!

[Gratuitous cheap ploy]


Come along, or the dog gets it…

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  1. Dear sweet baby Jesus and the orphans this is going to be big! It's going to be so big it goes past big and gets really small, but then goes so far past that it's big again. It's going to be so hard a party that it goes out the other end and gets really nasty.

    Blitzkrieg!! Let's do it!!


    02 Jun 2005, 14:02

  2. This Saturday?! Isn't there another night of delights sometime later in term? My project won't let me go.

    02 Jun 2005, 15:08

  3. Ricky

    For those of us who can't make it, can you give us some insight into what kind of tunes you'll be playing?

    03 Jun 2005, 00:55

  4. Ed

    Is that dog missing a leg?

    Oh no – just me with a MASSIVE COCK then…

    I just love being a bastard.


    03 Jun 2005, 01:17

  5. Carter

    Ricky – not to give too much of the game away for any punters sneaking a cheeky advance peek, but I'll certainly be playing some or all of the following:

    • BT
    • Soulwax
    • Soul Coughing
    • Transplants
    • Bomb the Bass
    • Chemical Brothers
    • Atmosphere
    • Le Tigre

    …among numerous others. Full setlist will be posted up here after the event!

    03 Jun 2005, 11:49

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