July 21, 2005


…and now you too (yes, that's you, motherhubbard!) can take part by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

According to this marvellous piece of hi-tech gadgetry (presumably constructed from a twinkie wrapper, a blow-torch and a few elastic bands), the member of The A-Team I am most like is the smart-mouthed quipmeister, part-time Aquamaniac and full-time on-the-jazz renegade wiley-cat this is Lt. Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith. Well pass the cigar, pal – I fucking LOVE IT when a plan comes together.


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  1. Silence for weeks, and this is your come-back?!

    What have you been doing with your summer?!

    22 Jul 2005, 21:09

  2. Not me at all, but I couldn't resist deliberately getting this result: You are most like BA Baracus, a hard man with a soft heart and a phobic fear of flying. You can create mechanical marvels out of nothing and are the person everyone wants on their side in a fight. I pity the fool who messes with you.

    23 Jul 2005, 18:46

  3. Carter

    Claire my good lady, where on earth is your sense of social justice?! In 1972, this former crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground where today – still wanted by the government – they survive as soldiers of fortune. Now, if that kind of fortitude and determination doesn't inspire you to greatness, I seriously question your role on this planet.

    If you had a problem, if no-one else could help, and if you could find them, you TOO could hire The A-Team. Have some respect, please.

    26 Jul 2005, 11:18

  4. Ricky

    I, also, am most like Hannibal. This also pleases me greatly. What a legend.

    26 Jul 2005, 13:53

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