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September 17, 2009

Blu–Ray players – should I just get a PS3?

So I’ve recently been considering a Blu-ray player. Previously I haven’t cared so much about quality (years of downloading) but since starting employment my tastes have got more extravagant. We have a 40 inch HD TV in our living room right now, with an Xbox 360 attached to it. This setup is great because we can use the XBOX video media player to access all our computers across the network, to stream video content onto the big screen.

Now, I’m in the mood to really put the TV to the test with Blu-ray dvds. I actually have very little knowledge of Blu-ray however I’ve been doing a bit of research around the BDP S360 from Sony. This Blu-ray player seems to have all the features I would require and for an extremely reasonable price. The only issue with this model is lack of streaming internet content (so i’ve heard) – however I have a laptop that I can connect to the TV for this kinda feature. I’ve also read that the remote does not have an open/close disc feature! (...but I can live with this also).

Anyway the point of this blogpost is that i’m trying to decide whether to get a Playstation 3 instead. I realise that the quality of the device might be a lot lower than getting a stand alone blu-ray player however you can’t ever have too many games consoles… even if it is a chav console. I’m worried about the noise coming from the fans on the PS3 when playing movies… that could really annoy me.

Anyway, some playstation specs and Have a look here for more information on the bdp s360.

Look forward to hearing your comments

carl fernandes

February 11, 2009

Watching TV Online

I’ve recently been using Sky Player to watch tv online – the great thing about the functionality is that I can watch Sky Sports in good quality on my computer, rather than streaming a dodgy chinese version in the glory days.

There are loads of programmes to download on Sky Player including the standard 24, lost & Prison Break big hitters. I’m hoping Heroes gets onto Sky Player soon as well.

There are many internet tv services about these days – BBC iPlayer is one that I have been using since Beta. 4 on demand’s software really grinds my gears so I tend to watch that on my Virgin on Demand box.

Sky Player was quite unheard of until recently when there was a noticable increase in advertising… a good move to get new customers onto the service. If you are a Sky subscriber… check it out, if not then you can sign up for a month by month contract to watch stuff online – perfect for students living in temp accommodation.

Bare in mind, I don’t know how primitive Warwick’s off campus internet is these days, but in 2007 there was NO CHANCE of streaming content from Sky Player/iPlayer. 512kbit split between 4… basic!!

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