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August 26, 2014

Are online casino bonuses becoming more difficult to capitalise on?

No Premier League season is complete without placing a few bets on the big games, putting 50p down on the occasional multiplier or getting that feeling of “why me?” when you lose a large sum due to an own goal by an otherwise world-class centre back.

With football now back on the TV, I’m exploring different betting websites and keeping my eyes pealed for any offers I can leverage to multiply my potential earnings.

Back in the day I managed to make a grand or so in a relatively short space of time by using a conservative betting strategy: capitalising on the sign-on bonuses that most casinos give you and only betting on games that have a decent chance of going your way (Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal to win for example). At the same time I used to have an occasional flutter in the online casino rooms, blackjack specificially, using the traditional basic strategy which worked surprisingly well and at the very least, guaranteed quick results rather than having to wait for an upcoming football match to take place.

I’ve written previously about online casinos trying to make the game more exciting and ostensibly fair by adopting live casino video streams and I’m looking forward to other innovations that are on the horizon for this year.

I’m also exploring international casinos. It seems that interest in online casinos in Canada and other English speaking countries is huge since legalisation changed 5 years ago making it easier for these casinos to grow. Comparison sites like are great tools to see what Canadian casinos have on offer vs. the usual suspects in the UK and there are opportunities with large bonuses, free iPads and other benefits.

I thought by this age I would have stopped gambling online – but earning quick cash from playing online casino games does not get old

December 08, 2011

Is 2011 the first year I buy my parents proper christmas presents?

I am famous for not caring about Christmas. Until a year ago I had basically never bought my parents Christmas presents (to be honest, I barely had any money until about a year ago!).

Last year I bought my mum a wonderful Candle that cost £40, yes FORTY pounds from Selfridges. She did not appreciate this gift at all, even though the idea was she could light it when she missed me… I thought it was rather thoughtful.

My dad on the other hand got a standard aftershave, also from Selfridges. The total time it took to complete my christmas shopping was about 10 minutes. I get away with just transferring my sister some money online each year which saves a lot of hassle.

This year I’ve had a bit more time to get in the zone, so I’m half tempted to buy some decent presents. Needless to say I will be minimising the amount of effort I need to put in by shopping online – I know Littlewoods is one of my mum’s favourite shops (or at least it was when there used to be one in Swindon when I lived there 7 years ago!) so I’m bound to find something.

For my dad I’m really not sure what to get. Like a lot of dads he has absolutely no hobbies other than watching the news. Another aftershave may have to suffice but I’m almost certain he wouldn’t have opened the one I got him last year. He doesn’t seem to realise that smelling good == success.

Home shopping is definitely the way to go though, I simply cannot deal with the current climate when it comes to shopping… even though I live 10 minutes from Westfields. I’m half tempted to buy an iPad (or a cheaper Android equivalent) online as a joint christmas present. I feel this would kill two birds with one stone. My mum loves reading emails and my dad loves watching the news. He’d be able to watch AND read the news at the same time with a tablet!

Would gift vouchers be too thoughtless?

March 04, 2011

The American version of Skins is surprisingly good

I had time to watch skins online (the uk series) over Christmas. I think the new series is pretty terrible, but the first few seasons were great… “I’m COOK!!”.

Anyway, I decided to check out the American version of Skins. My previous experience of American takes on UK comedy is that they start of pretty well and then get really really bad. e.g. The American Office.

What I will say is that the American version of Skins is pretty similar to the UK in it’s style (story lines are pretty similar too) and they made a good choice using unheard of Actors. I found the first couple of episodes quite enjoyable but can’t say I’m going to be a regular viewer. It’s one of those shows where I think to myself, why should I watch this when I could be watching Jersey Shore?

March 09, 2010

Are you up or down? – online gambling

I started gambling at various casinos (golden palace, playboy, jackpotcity etc…) during the “bonus bagging” days (around 2002-2004 time).

For those of you who don’t know about bonus bagging, basically you used to be able to sign up to a casino online and get a “bonus” depending on how much you wager.

For example, I might sign up to a casino, deposit £20, then once I’ve wagered £100 (100 spins of roulette at a £1 a time) the online casino gives me a free £20. You just needed to make sure you didn’t lose all your cash before receiving the bonus.

Nowadays it’s much harder to get casino bonuses as you have to wager ridiculous amounts (15 times your initial deposit as an example). Most casinos have also restricted the types of casino games you can play to receive bonuses. Pretty sure you can’t use certain forms of blackjack and roulette which to be honest, are my favourite games when playing online.

After bonus bagging died, I moved onto online poker, playing small blinds…really small blinds (2cent/4cent) at Casinos like Paddypower. No limit texas holdem always provided a opportunity to win big even with small blinds. The problem with my system was I would have to invest hours and hours for very small returns.

I’m now wondering whether there are any other ways to make “guarrenteed” money at online casinos. Bonuses are dead…poker is too time consuming (and of course isn’t guarrenteed profit).

I’m probably up a couple of hundred pounds from gambling overall… but have likely wagered thousands so the returns are really pathetic considering.

I’m wondering in general, are you up or down with online gambling?

February 11, 2009

Watching TV Online

I’ve recently been using Sky Player to watch tv online – the great thing about the functionality is that I can watch Sky Sports in good quality on my computer, rather than streaming a dodgy chinese version in the glory days.

There are loads of programmes to download on Sky Player including the standard 24, lost & Prison Break big hitters. I’m hoping Heroes gets onto Sky Player soon as well.

There are many internet tv services about these days – BBC iPlayer is one that I have been using since Beta. 4 on demand’s software really grinds my gears so I tend to watch that on my Virgin on Demand box.

Sky Player was quite unheard of until recently when there was a noticable increase in advertising… a good move to get new customers onto the service. If you are a Sky subscriber… check it out, if not then you can sign up for a month by month contract to watch stuff online – perfect for students living in temp accommodation.

Bare in mind, I don’t know how primitive Warwick’s off campus internet is these days, but in 2007 there was NO CHANCE of streaming content from Sky Player/iPlayer. 512kbit split between 4… basic!!

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