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September 05, 2011

Digital Camera – or wait for iPhone 5

Recently I’ve been seriously considering a digital camera. I’m going away on business to a conference in America next week and have plenty of spare time, so “capturing some memories” would certainly be a productive activity.

The question is, do I buy a camera from here or try and get one duty free? I’ve been looking at PC World’s DMCTZ20 but the pricing puts me off a little. I imagine I could get it a lot cheaper if I wait for duty free coming back from the states.

The Panasonic Lumix TZ20 Digital Camera seems like a damn good camera, and a few of my friends have similar models and speak highly of them. Unfortunately due to moving house and various other costs I just can’t justify over £200 on a camera…!

The other question is whether I wait for an iPhone 5. I currently have an iPhone 4 and will be getting a free upgrade. If the iPhone 5 has a substantially better camera, I may not even need to buy a standalone device.

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