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March 18, 2013

Why is everyone moving to Australia?

Australia is a place that many graduates tend to explore as part of a gap year the summer after university. But what i’ve noticed since joining the working world is that a good proportion of people (particularly in the media industry) want to move there on a permanent basis.

There are numerous benefits to moving australia. Generally speaking, salaries are substantially higher due to industries being a few years behind the UK/US (outweighing any increases in tax). You can certainly save money for a deposit within 1-2 years of living in Australia.

Of course, the weather is a big selling point for the sun starved UK workforce as well as a vastly superior quality of life.

Housing in London is terrible. Unless you’re a millionaire you will essentially live in squalor. There’s no surprise that this drives many Londoners to move down under.

I’ve been looking at some property in australia and for what you would buy a 1 bed studio in a dangerous part of town for in London, you can live in an incredible flat with gorgeous views of a harbour in Sydney. The big question I have is whether it’s worth investing in property in Australia and managing a portfolio from the UK?

If it wasn’t for the huntsman spiders… I may have considered a move myself…

January 16, 2012

Does moving to Australia for work == career progression, or just a good time?

Following on from my post about huntsman spiders in Australia I thought I’d write a post about the pros and cons of moving to Australia.

Many people in my industry get offered jobs in Australia, sometimes paying double of what they are earning in London.

The reason Australian companies are willing to pay so much in the digital advertising/media scene is that their industry is that it’s kinda assumed that the industry is a couple years behind the UK and US.

I know about 5 people that have moved from London to Sydney to work at various agencies. Some of them are still out there now and some have come back to London for one reason or another.

I get a message every couple of months on Linkedin asking if I’m interested in moving to Australia for a fat salary, sponsorship, relocation help etc and so far haven’t really given it a thought. Partly due to the massive spiders and partly because I’m not sure how valuable that move would be from a career progression point of view.

Think of it this way, if you’re a top football player in the UK, would you want to move to Russia to play? I guess you might want to if the salary is massive. But long term I’m not sure you’ll get the champions league glory you’re looking for.

I’m keen on getting on the property ladder as soon as I can, and it’s near impossible to buy anywhere in London if you’re not earning millions… Australia presents a opportunity for investment in my eyes.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on home loans in australia and used a home loan calculator I guess the same principle applies here in the UK but the strength of the pound vs. the Australian dollar makes the deals look more attractive. House prices are decent over there (not like London) so repayments on an Australian salary would be more than achievable.

I think of Australia catches up to the UK in terms of the advertising/marketing industry I’ll start to think about the move. But they will certainly need to rid the country of huntsman spiders before I could do it.

January 08, 2012

Huntsman spiders & Tropical Heatwaves – there's no place like Australia

Last September I went to Australia for my cousin’s wedding in Melbourne. It was the first time that I’d ever been in Australia and needless to say I was apprehensive after reading up on huntsman spiders:

Strangely, after spending 3 weeks in Australia I did not see any huntsman spiders at all!

I put it down to staying in a fairly nice apartment hotel in Melbourne. From what I hear, if you’re out in the sticks you will definitely see more of the wildlife.

Quite a few of my mates have gone travelling to Oz and to keep costs down they either stay in the cheapest hostels they can find or use services like campervan hire australia to allow for a bit more freedom when travelling around.

We thought it was worth hiring a campervan in Sydney for the final week of our trip. The main reasoning for this was that we wanted to explore not only the traditional Sydney tourist sights (e.g. opera house) but also do a bit of exploring on our own. Needless to say I was convinced I would see a huntsman spider in the campervan and enforced a nightly ritual of checking every inch of the van before going to sleep!

From what I hear huntsman spiders are dangerous, but not in the way you might expect. Apparently a lot of deaths are caused in australia because the spiders will drop down from the roof of people’s cars when they are driving, causing them to crash!

This was one thing I was particularly nervous about while my dad was driving us around. Again, we got lucky and didn’t see anything!

The reason I decided to post this now, is that one of my friends has spotted a huntsman, or something very similar in his house. I’m now paranoid we’re on the verge of a spider invasion (I read something in The Sun a few months back suggesting 2012 will be a year of spiders in the UK).

Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen.

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