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September 26, 2011

Virgin media need to sort themselves out

Telecoms/Broadband companies have it easy… easiest job in the world?

We just moved into a new house, that happens to already have a virgin media installation. The line still works so we’ve been using the internet & TV over the last few days while we wait for our Virgin account to be moved to the new house on the 5th of October.

I just called Virgin and asked them to switch my name to the existing line so that we have no period without internet… this is impossible.

I don’t understand why this is such an issue for them. It shouldn’t be a technical/engineering issue as there is already a working line into the house that we’re using with our old equipment. There must be a database somewhere storing account number against active/deactive line that someone just needs to switch.

I would have been happy to pay for a month’s service, just to not lose internet for a week.

Telecoms/Broadband companies’ front office staff have a piss easy job. They never have to think outside the typical FAQ style requests.

If they were more dynamic, they would have gained an extra 50 quid or so from me (and probably 1000s of other people in similar situations).

Get your act together!!

September 19, 2011

Halifax are **ing morons – don't use them

Just tried to do a simple bank transfer to my estate agent and got locked out of my online account…god knows why.

Then I tried to call the number they provided (0845) only to be forwarded through two people who didn’t work in the right department. This is basic usability…wtf give me a number that doesn’t get me in touch with the person who can unlock accounts straight away?

Anyway, the second person forwarded me onto another team, that put me on hold for 22 minutes. Then finally someone picked up, only to HANG UP on me after saying hello. 22 minutes on a mobile would have cost me a shit load, it’s an absolute joke that their telephone systems are so unreliable that this could happen.

I then called back and got through to the “correct” team only to be told there is ANOTHER team (security/fraud team) that has to do the unlocking, turns out they go home at 8pm!!

Frankly Halifax are absolute criminals for this lack of service and costing me loads in telephone calls & time. The whole damn bank needs a restructure to sort out this mess.

Security team should work 24/7 to ensure accounts can be unlocked as and when needed, any delay is UNACCEPTABLE.

I’m going to have to switch bank account, I just don’t want to associate myself with such low quality…Coutts might be a good choice.


Phoned this morning and got through straight away, he guy said my account would be unlocked in 15 minutes. I tried logging in when I got home for work and it STILL doesn’t let me in.

September 15, 2011


The freshness of the houses up for rent in their database is laughable; so many of the estate agents I called told me the houses I was looking at were already gone.

I ended up purely sorting by “recently added”, anything on a housing site longer than day in London will already be gone.

There’s clearly a market for a real time house hunting website. Who’s going to solve the problem?

Zoopla, primelocation, rightmove and the rest are basically glorified directories for estate agents.

The lettings industry needs to get it’s act together, what a joke!

September 05, 2011

Digital Camera – or wait for iPhone 5

Recently I’ve been seriously considering a digital camera. I’m going away on business to a conference in America next week and have plenty of spare time, so “capturing some memories” would certainly be a productive activity.

The question is, do I buy a camera from here or try and get one duty free? I’ve been looking at PC World’s DMCTZ20 but the pricing puts me off a little. I imagine I could get it a lot cheaper if I wait for duty free coming back from the states.

The Panasonic Lumix TZ20 Digital Camera seems like a damn good camera, and a few of my friends have similar models and speak highly of them. Unfortunately due to moving house and various other costs I just can’t justify over £200 on a camera…!

The other question is whether I wait for an iPhone 5. I currently have an iPhone 4 and will be getting a free upgrade. If the iPhone 5 has a substantially better camera, I may not even need to buy a standalone device.

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