May 22, 2005

I Want To Be A Sith

Yoda will be so pissed if he heres me…but I don't care.
Watched Star Wars III last night…and loved the film – knew I would – and I have decided I want to be a Sith!

Sod being a goody goody Jedi…the Sith are where its at. Granted it can all go a bit tits up if you're a Sith eventually…but in the meantime you can do some cool shit! You get a red lightsabre, you don't have be so stuck up like a Jedi…you get a cool black cloak which makes you look hard, you can choke people and fire blue spaff out of your hands, and you can do whatever you want with your powers, whenever you want.
Being a Jedi is alright i suppose…but you have to be friendly to losers like the Jamie Oliver of the alien world – Jar Jar Binks – whereas a Sith would just lop him in half

Jedi Master ...or Sith Dark Lord ….no competition really…it's gotta be a Sith…and if everything does goes spectacularly tits up…you can say you're sorry for what you've done (a la Return of The Jedi), and come back as a Jedi

So let's here it for the Sith!!

See...even poster's of you are cooler than being a boring Jedi

Until next time folks…check yourself don't wreck yourself


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  1. Lu Yang

    And I want to be a Sikh.

    22 May 2005, 11:31

  2. Andrew Ingram

    Jedi can use those powers too :p

    22 May 2005, 12:48

  3. Carter

    Sith happens (etc etc)

    22 May 2005, 13:11

  4. Shalinee Singh

    Do Siths like University baguettes?

    22 May 2005, 13:21

  5. Heather Crawley

    …not to burst your bubble, but only the emperor can do the lightening thing with his hands, so I guess being a Sith lord is REALLY where it's at – you get to use siths as your pawns AND rule the empire – ace ;)

    25 May 2005, 23:42

  6. Well then I will have to rise up to level of Emperor…Darth Vader would have been able to fire the blue shit if he hadnt gone all metally.

    And i've just been playing on the Star Wars game on the PS2…good lord its fantastic…its the closest im gonna ever get to owning a realy lightsaber…sooo cool

    26 May 2005, 11:58

  7. Shalinee Singh

    PS2!! I want to play. Ah I might spent a whole day pro skating with Tony Hawk when pesky project is DELETED.

    26 May 2005, 13:47

  8. jay

    ha i am i sith and will rule the world

    29 May 2005, 13:58

  9. Nicholas Howes

    Yes Shall! I played a bit of GTA3 yesterday as I felt your poor PS2 was being underused. Maybe you could actually unwrap The Incredibles and play that too!

    01 Jun 2005, 13:47

  10. Darth Savage

    they use attack more than they use defence, they have cooler names,and awsome red lightsabers!!!

    14 Jun 2005, 19:08

  11. Shalinee Singh

    Nico I am scared of my PS2 swallowing me and my eyes going square. I'll play after I get my results and I can't waaaaaaait. I need to thrash you some more at Tony Hawk ProSkater too

    20 Jun 2005, 12:12

  12. Darth Vedious

    I have trained my body and mind on the ways of the sith. I will take one person as my apprentice. I will teach people how to manipulate others (in other words: how to pull amazing birds and con people without them knowing). This is going to take great discipline, but it will be worth it, so you can rule all others around you.

    09 Jul 2005, 21:20

  13. Darth Vedious

    Gor candidates to be my anew apprentice, e-mail

    09 Jul 2005, 21:23

  14. Darth Kirrek

    I am darth Kirrek the dark lord of sith i am willing to be your apprentice so i will one day overthrough you MHAAMHAAMHAA

    02 Jul 2006, 03:26

  15. Dearth JD

    I am with you.Start a sith order and I will be there. Long live the Sith!!!

    05 Dec 2007, 01:40

  16. darth zantos

    i wanna b a sith i wanna kill jedi scum can sum 1 help me

    05 Dec 2007, 21:10

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