October 19, 2004

A little bit about me…

Well, I suppose tradition dictates you start one of these blogamite jobbies with a word or two about who you are and why you are so interesting as to warrant other people reading about you.

T’internet is apparently the source of all knowledge, so I figured I’d let that tell you my life story instead…by typing my name into Google and seeing what the world wide web had to say about me.

And it had a lot to say! So, dear subscribers, I present to you, my Internet Life Story:

http://www.homestead.com/WoodsLegear/files/html/d0005/g0000052.html says I was born in 1853.

I went to the Newdian Middle School somewhere in America, where, according to http://www.newdianaisd.net/NDMiddle/ND_Middle_HonorRoll.htm, I got 90% marks in every class in the 8th Grade.

Then, in my teenage years I transferred to the Indianola Highschool in Iowa where I graduated in 2004, along with 250 other students, according to http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20040601/NEWS02/406010337/1001/NEWS

And according to http://www.indianola.k12.ia.us/high/the_indian_online/page1.htm I was so popular, my english teacher was gutted she didn't get a t-shirt with my name on it.

But where to after such success and popularity? Ithica College of course! And, says http://www.ithaca.edu/orgs/ultimate/, while I was there, I captained the ultimate frisby team. Go me!

After graduating, I became a bit of a liberal crusading fop, petitioning against the evils of the world, including, claims http://www.southscene.net/petition/index.php?view=yes a petition to legalise fly-posting by Southampton City Council.

"I believe that this war is unjust and immoral in every way. Iraq does not pose a great threat to the United States, this is not a strategy taken out of self defense. The CIA even came out and said last november that Iraq posed no threat to the United States at all. My vote is against the war. Let's try being true crusaders- Crusaders for Peace" were the profound words I uttered in a petition against the war in Iraq, according to

But, eventually the land called me, and I travelled to Scotland to do another degree, this time in Countryside Management at the Scottish Agricultural College, so says http://news.scotsman.com/topics.cfm?tid=448&id=726262002

In my spare time e and my brother Dennis are the Chapter Chief and Program Advisor for the Will Rogers order of the Oklahoma boy scouts, called the “Ma-Nu 133 order of the arrow” claims http://www.manu133.org/aboutmanu6wr.htm , but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing the celebrity lifestyle and http://www.gapyear.com/community/ index.php?op=sm&mz=se&id=1041 index.php?op=sm&mz=se&id=1041 says I’m “the next big thing in radio”! Whatever next!

Well, after a while, it was time to settle down, and http://wedding.weddingchannel.com/.../guest_view_ store_ga.asp?retailer_registry_uid=300936921&listby=dept_ store_ga.asp?retailer_registry_uid=300936921&listby=dept is happy to announce that I married some chick called Sarah White on July 14th 2004.

So now you find me, at http://www.shankypants.co.uk/shithead/profile.php?, a balding middle aged fatso, who’s absolutely crap at cards.

And that, is my internet life history. Why don’t you try and make one yourself kids!

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  1. Robert O'Toole

    Hello Adam. Welcome to Warwick Blogs.

    19 Oct 2004, 19:26

  2. Haha, classic.

    23 Oct 2004, 15:19

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