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March 28, 2006

French protests get violent

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One of the most remarkable pieces of television news in some time is taking place right now on BBC News 24. Jon Sopel is live in the Place de la Republique, on a hotel balcony, offering what is effectively football commentary on violent confrontations between riot police and a small group of protesters.

There seems to be two protests going on similtaneously – a peaceful protest about the French government's new youth employment laws passed this month, and – at the other end of the square – a small hardcore of rioters who are sporadically attacking the police. It all seems to have started at around 4pm.

The BBC have several cameras feeding in so Jon Sopel can literally pick out a skirmish and have it covered very well.

And as a late edition, this website has put up some pictures of 'the fearless Jon Sopel' really getting in the thick of it

He had retired to a balcony before I tuned in but the pictures suggest it was the most memorable piece of rolling news in a while…

On the left he's dodging missiles and in the right shot he is being confronted by an angry protester…keep your cool Jon boy!

The Fearless Jon Sopel

V for Viktor

So the preliminary results from the Ukrainian elections are seeping out, and it seems like there’s a clear victor: Viktor.

The other Viktor (who was the victor last year, defeating the new victor Viktor) despite strong campaigning has lost much of his popularity. He rode victoriously into power in the orange revolution, 12 months ago when the other Viktor (who’s now the new victor) allegedly poisoned Viktor.

A year on and the old Viktor who was defeated last year is the victor this year. He (Viktor) is claiming victory with just over 27% of the vote.

Interestingly we all thought the other Viktor (who was a victor just a year ago) would come a close second (no-one thought he’d be the victor this year). But instead, the rather attractive Yulia (who allegedly calls herself Viktor on weekends) who was Viktor’s Prime Minister until he fired her, (forcing her to start her own party vying for victory) came a close second with 23% of the votes. For the other Viktor, victory seems a long way off with just 16% of the vote.

“The party of the regions has won a convincing victory” Viktor told the assembled media.

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